What’s up with convocation?

Convocation ceremony

Some of our graduating students have expressed some concerns about this year’s convocation ceremony. Let me address these here.

Last year for the first time in our history, OCAD University held two separate convocation ceremonies on Convocation Day. This is a model we’ve been working towards over several years to accommodate the growth of our graduating cohort. This change allowed for a faster paced ceremony, and more room to accommodate our graduands’ guests. This is a proud moment for you and for us — and we want to share it with as many of your loved ones as we can fit!

It had been our intention to continue with this model, but this year we ran into a hiccup — a big one. Our contracted venue, Roy Thomson Hall, has an evening booking for the day of our ceremony, which doesn’t leave us with enough time to hold two ceremonies. Moving to another venue would have considerable financial and legal ramifications, so this year we’ve had to find a way to make it work with a single ceremony.

This means we’ve had to reduce the four guest vouchers offered to graduands last year to two. We’ve heard your feedback that two vouchers isn’t enough. Historically, two vouchers was our standard for one ceremony, but we have almost always been able to accommodate requests for extra vouchers. We reserve these extra vouchers and issue them upon request to give every graduand the opportunity to access them.

With convocation more than two months away, there’s plenty of time for you to plan your extra voucher requests. Chances are pretty good that we can accommodate you. Follow this link to request extra guest vouchers.

We can’t wait to celebrate this moment with you and your loved ones! See you on Friday, June 10 at Roy Thomson Hall!