The people in your neighbourhood: Financial Aid & Awards


A while back I introduced you to some of many dedicated people who make OCAD U a great place to study: our Student Advising team, the folks who manage our Shops & Studios, and the good people who help make all the technical bits and bobs work over in Academic Computing.

Today, I want to introduce you to our Financial Aid & Awards team, who coordinate almost $25 million (yes, I said million) in student funding. WOW, right? They also put together a ton of great financial literacy information to help students learn how to balance a budget, manage income and expenses, and save for the future. Last but definitely not least, they have a number of options available to help out students who find themselves in a financial pickle due to those unexpected things that happen in life, such as a flight home due to a family emergency, or a roommate that skips out.

My hope is that by showcasing folks who work behind-the-scenes to create a good experience for students, you’ll feel a little more connected to this community, and you’ll start to learn where to bring your ideas and concerns so that we can all work together to make OCAD U even better.