Living artwork installed in Rosalie Sharp Pavilion

Wall work by Raquel Da Silva

A new living wall work by Drawing & Painting student Raquel Da Silva (@raquelnaia) has been installed in our Rosalie Sharp Pavilion! This project was commissioned by OCAD U’s Faculty of Art and the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD), and generously supported by Mercedes Benz Financial Services (MBFS) sponsorships.

As part of the Faculty of Art’s Painting in the Expanded Field course, students were asked to create site-specific proposals for a window/wall corner in the recently renovated Rosalie Sharp Pavilion. Taking into account the Pavilion’s focus on experiential learning, the CEAD on level 3 and the publicly visible space, Raquel’s piece interpreted the building as a space which provides students with the opportunities to grow and flourish. With this in mind, this project realizes the concept of a “garden” through the integration of live plants to foster the idea of growth and transformation. The piece is composed of several layers: a background design painted on the wall, wall-mounted planters and several laser-cut shapes and characters. The result is a three-dimensional wall garden that will grow over time. Come see this beautiful work in person!

Special thanks to the CEAD Instagram account (@ocaducead) for the detailed description of this work and how it came to be, and congrats to Raquel!