See you at OCAD U Orientation!

Orientation Welcome Day

Each September, OCAD University welcomes over 1,000 first-year undergraduate students to the OCAD U community with a variety of engaging and informative workshops, social activities and events at our orientation and welcome, O-DAYS!

August 26 to 30: Workshops, information and social options (read this for all the details)
Tuesday, September 3: Welcome Day
Wednesday, September 4: First day of fall term classes
Thursday, September 5: Annual Safety & Wellness Day

OCAD U’s Orientation and welcome programming is designed to help you succeed as an OCAD U student by introducing you to the culture of our campus, connecting you with our services and programs that are here to assist you, and helping you meet new friends and get to know each other. It’s an event just for you, our newest students. We look forward to seeing you here!

Check out the complete the O-DAYS! schedule