Amna Azhar, Inclusive Design

Second-year Inclusive Design student Amna Azhar

Hi, my name is Amna Azhar! I am doing my second-year of the Inclusive Design graduate program at OCAD U from Toronto. My program has allowed me to unlearn the biases in design and recognize exclusion in order to design empathetically with the end user in mind. I enjoy how inclusive design empowers communities that are marginalized through user-driven research. I feel excited to apply these learnings on interactive media and digital storytelling projects that relate to the social well-being of the community. Because the program is so versatile, it allows me to apply my computer science background to develop inclusive and creative uses of technology.

The biggest challenge I face with remote learning is the lack of social engagement and the inability to collaborate on projects involving tangible artefacts. My research project, which is about mixed reality storytelling with older adults, has also seen hurdles in this regard and resulted in an exploration on remote co-designing and testing to adapt to the pandemic situation.

I am looking forward to the cohort’s final year research colloquium. And graduation of course. I wish everyone all the best.

Instagram: @ss_amna