Felicia Evangeline, Graphic Design

Felicia Evangeline

Hello, I’m Felicia. I’m currently in my fourth year, studying Graphic Design and living in Toronto. I’ve been dabbling into UI/UX Design since earlier last year. I enjoy this field of design because I get to create design solutions that humanize technology. Because I value relationships, I’d like to create works that allow people to feel more connected with their everyday surroundings. I’d like to further develop my research, empathy, and writing skills in relation to UX, with the hope it will allow me to share my knowledge and continue to help others.

Remote learning has been challenging for me in terms of connecting with my peers, as it’s easy to feel isolated, but I’m looking forward to being able to connect with more people and visit my family back home in Indonesia!

> Three-year Peer Mentor
> Peer Mentor Excellence Award Nominee 2021