Sydney Cooling-Sturges, Industrial Design

Sydney Cooling-Sturges

Hello, I’m Sydney and I am in my fourth and final year of the Industrial Design program! I reside in Toronto’s beautiful east end near the iconic Scarborough Bluffs. I love generating ideas to solve complex problems. Human-centred design is at the core of what I value as a designer and person, so I don’t like to restrict myself to one medium of design. I like to see where the design process takes me so I can be confident that I have arrived at the best solution.

Coding is a skill I’d like to develop; it’s so fun—design, math, creating something from nothing—what’s not to love? I also want to get better at identifying my unconscious biases, partially so I can improve my research and my design work, but that will be a lifelong development.

"Blum" assistive dining plates with anti-slip base by Sydney Cooling-Sturges

“Blum” assistive dining plates with anti-slip base by Sydney Cooling-Sturges

During the pandemic, I have longed for more critique time with my peers. If you’re reading this (especially if you’re in my thesis class), DM me if you want to critique each other’s work! I look forward to the lockdown and social distancing to subside so I can start getting pho and iced coffee again with my fellow OCAD ID friend Jasmine!

> Three-year Peer Mentor
> Recipient, Student Employee Excellence Award 2021

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