Claire Heidinger, Drawing & Painting

Claire Heidinger

My name is Claire Heidinger and I’m a fourth-year Drawing & Painting student minoring in Art History. My practice incorporates research based in post-colonial literature and diasporic culture, realized through painting, food, and sculpture. Investigating a visual fetishism created by the gaze, I create large-scale oil paintings, and experiments with food products in expanded painting. I want to continue to develop a practice, creating work informed by art history and contemporary life.

Ginger Porcelain Imitation by Claire Heidinger

Ginger Porcelain Imitation by Claire Heidinger

These past few months I have struggled with focusing and maintaining my attention with remote learning, so it is important that I balance a lifestyle that is quiet, healthy, and creatively rewarding. With a goal to graduate this semester, I am looking forward to what adventures are to come post-graduation.

> Student Employee Excellence Award Nominee 2021

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