Hunter Crouse, Integrated Media

Hunter Crouse

My name is Hunter Crouse and I’m a fourth-year Integrated Media major, located in Toronto. I primarily work with digital media from film and tv to immersive installation environments! I love anything that explores the realms of human existence, science fiction/fantasy, and of course queering life in all possible aspects. I’m mostly focused, currently, on developing my distinct voice and identity through creating, and reminding myself to create for me and not for a prof, a peer, or a mark.

I’m also working on being more open and clear in my communication with others. The main challenges I find with remote learning are mostly about the lack of direction and discipline I have when it comes to learning everything myself and of course not having that proper community/support which I think we all feel right now.

From "Chasing" by Hunter Crouse

“Chasing” by Hunter Crouse

I am looking forward to Graduation! I have loved my experience at OCAD U but I think with COVID, and this being my final year, I have come to accept the situation we have been dealt and I feel like this is a great time to finish up school and live a bit more spontaneously again.

> Student Employee Excellence Award Nominee 2021

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