Jevonne Peters, Digital Futures

Jevonne (Jevi) Peters

My name is Jevi Peters, a second-year Digital Futures, MFA student. I’m currently in Toronto, but originally from the Caribbean. As a programmer and experimental interdisciplinary artist, my practice is a mix of theory and research-creation, and I work with speculative fiction quite often. Lately, I’ve been working on improving my web animation and scripting skills.

The Resistance by Jevi Peters

The Resistance by Jevi Peters

During the pandemic, I’ve missed the Grad Studio most of all; a few of us practically lived in it, and it’s been different without it. I look forward to starting my PhD! I’ve been offered acceptance into some interesting programs, and I’m very eager to continue my studies and develop my theory further.

> Student member, OCAD U Board of Governors
> Recipient, Excellence in Student Leadership Award 2021

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