Marina Shchekacheva, Environmental Design

Marina Shcekacheva

My name is Marina Shchekacheva. Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia! I am fourth-year Environmental Design and I am passionate about the creation of community-powered public spaces. I’ve been learning to keep a positive attitude when everything is radically changing—a key skill that I want and try to develop.

Victory Soya Mills Silos by Marina Shchekacheva

Victory Soya Mills Silos by Marina Shchekacheva

Being positive and flexible helps me adapt, help, and support those around me. It is especially important during these ever-changing COVID-times and when it is over. Distractions are a reality of remote learning and they challenge my productivity, but I am looking forward to graduating this year, the end of the quarantine, visiting my hometown and hugging my friends and parents!

> Peer Mentor 2020
> Peer Mentor Excellence Award Nominee 2021