Sara Khalil-Bayley, Expanded Animation

Sara Khalil-Bayley

My name is Sara Khalil-Bayley and I’m a second-year student, majoring in Expanded Animation and minoring in Creative Writing! I’m in Toronto right now, but further north, near North York.

I like to create pink things that make people happy. I also really enjoy drawing myself with my favorite characters. I work primarily in vector-based art and I like keeping my linework smooth as a shark. I want to be an animator and would like to know the ins and outs of all of it—from pitch to script to storyboard to keyframe cleanup. It’s a holistic profession and I want to become a sort of jack-of-all trades. My dream is to work on an animated series of my own!

Goddess Me by Sara Khalil-Bayley

Goddess Me by Sara Khalil-Bayley

I don’t really feel like I’m in school right now, because I’m not physically on campus, so the feeling that I need to do things doesn’t really show up until it’s too late. I can’t seem to mentally register that I should still study despite it all, and stuff needs to get done just the same!

I’m looking forward to field placement in fourth-year. And I hear there’s an animé course which sounds super cool. I also can’t wait to give my friends compliments in critiques when we’re back on campus again! Inshallah, of course.

> Peer Mentor
> Peer Mentor Excellence Award Nominee 2021

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