Shahaab Khan, Environmental Design

Shahaab Khan

Hi, my name is Shahaab Khan and I am a fourth-year thesis student in the Environmental Design program. My thesis topic revolves around social cohesion and repurposed land within the urban environment. School and volunteering with the OCAD U Muslim Student Association (MSA) usually take up most of my time. When I am not busy with those things, I usually like to go on outdoor adventures and capture my experiences through photography. There is something ethereal and surreal about being immersed in nature in a world where we spend a large amount of our time behind screens.

Thesis model, Shahaab Khan

Thesis model, Shahaab Khan

Learning amidst a pandemic is quite challenging, I often miss being able to spend time on campus without distractions. At home, it seems every time I get into a groove there is something or someone there to disturb me and my work often times lacks the excitement it once had instilled within it. I am hopeful that things will get better and I believe there is a silver lining in everything whether we understand and comprehend it or not. I am looking forward to graduating and seeing where life takes me next.

> President, OCAD U Muslim Student Association
> Student Group Leader Award Nominee 2021