Sofija Lupert, Photography

Sofija Lupert

I’m Sofija Lupert and I’m a fourth-year student at OCAD University majoring in Photography. I am in Toronto, Ontario. I like to create imaginative 2D/3D landscapes. I composite photographs and make 3D models to incorporate into these spaces. I want to develop my modelling skills with new advanced 3D programing, as well as 360 virtual spaces that I can make interactive videos out of.

I Think I Smell a Rat by Sofija Lupert

I Think I Smell a Rat by Sofija Lupert

I am facing some challenges with my laptop. It has become much more slow with downloading all of my software, and now working remotely everything has to be digital causing more of a strain on my laptop. I am looking forward to graduating and am excited about finding a job. I do want to travel to experience more of the world and bring it into my photography work.

> Student Employee Excellence Award Nominee 2021

Instagram: Still life, portraits  |  Instagram: Composite prints and Photoshop edits