Eiman Al-Fkeih, Graphic Design

Eiman Al-Fkeih, Graphic Design

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

Hi, I’m Eiman Al-Fkeih (she/her), and I’m going to be a third-year Graphic Design student this coming September. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor; I’m excited to meet new people and help first-year students feel more at home!

I’m currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, and my interests change drastically. I used to be really into illustrations and colour, but these past three years, I’ve been focusing mainly on branding, advertising, and understanding guidelines better, trying to push myself to my absolute limit to make my work more “professional” yet functional. I’d like to call myself a forever learning graphic designer. The learning never stops!

I want to gain a better understanding of print production/printing. Learn how to prepare files for print and transform my digital work into great print production work.

Due to COVID-19, I’ve found it challenging to balance schoolwork with chores and follow up on a self-care routine. I also find it hard to concentrate when I work in one place. That’s why I always switch up my workplace around to stay motivated.

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“Jessica Walsh Exhibition Catalogue” by Eiman Al-Fkeih

I am so excited to see where life is going to take me. I don’t plan as much as I used to in the past, but I am always open to new experiences and trying new things. I’m crossing my fingers that working in an advertising/marketing agency is in the cards for me.

Instagram: @eimancipate and @eimanner
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