Ivy He, Illustration

Ivy He, Illustration

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

Hello everyone. My name is Ivy He (she/her), and I’m about to go into my second year in the Illustration program. I’m currently living in Shanghai, China, but I will go back to Toronto after May 18th. This is my first time being a Peer Mentor, and I’m very excited about meeting all the mentees and making more friends.

I like to create works by using various materials (acrylic, watercolor, digital etc.), but my favourite is digital art. Also, I like to design profile pictures in my own time.

Title tba

“COVID-19 Problem” by Ivy He.

After COVID-19 hit Canada, all my classes were changed to online study and I started to meet new people online. I found studying at home stressful at the beginning because I need to do all the work alone without participating in any study groups. In the future, I’m hoping I can finally go to school, meet all my classmates and teachers in person, and travel with my friends.

Instagram: @cyanporcelain
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