Sarah Lodge, Drawing & Painting

Sarah Lodge, Drawing & Painting

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

Hi! I’m Sarah (she/her)! I’m going into my fourth year of Drawing & Painting with a minor in English! This will be my second year now being a Peer Mentor and it has been such an amazing experience! Right now I’m living just outside of Toronto!

I’m currently taking a little break on producing work, however everything I see and do throughout my “break” has been a sort of process work of art. Throughout the past three years I’ve learned to accept my “failure” through constant experimentation in the journey of trying to find what feels truly me. Creating during COVID this year has been extremely difficult for many and it left me feeling extremely burnt out. I hope to use my art post COVID-19 to help heal and move forward.

"Honey" by Sarah Lodge. 4' x 4' Mixed Media painting on canvas.

“Honey” by Sarah Lodge. 4′ x 4′ Mixed Media painting on canvas.

I look forward to being able to work amongst my peers again and be in the amazing thriving environment that we all loved so much.

Instagram: @Sarahh.lil
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