Yara Selman, Environmental Design


Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

Hellooo everyone! My name is Yara Selman (she/her). I’m going into my second year of the Environmental Design program, and this is actually my first year as a Peer Mentor which I am very excited for! I am currently living in a giant hair dryer on full heat—aka Dubai.

The work I love creating in my free time is acrylic painting, however in relation to my program I also love creating digital houses and interiors. It’s absolutely tiring but that’s what I love about it; makes me work hard! I think the skills I want to develop are to definitely enhance my artwork skills and creativity. I hope that we can have in person classes this fall, because online just makes things a lot more difficult to learn.

When it comes to the future, the next couple of months, I definitely can’t wait to learn new things and meet new people, especially to get to know the future Student Mentees! Further into the future, say five years’ time, I am looking forward to working as an Interior Designer with a great company while creating beautiful creative interiors for future clients.

Instagram: @yartisticly and @ray_rose.179
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