Katherine Mendonca, Graphic Design

Katherine Mendonca, Graphic Design

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

Hello! My name is Katherine Mendonca (she/her) but I normally go by Kat! I am currently in Toronto and I am going into my third year of Graphic Design. This will be my second year of being a Peer Mentor.

Photography is my favourite medium to work with because you can capture moments of life or manipulate the photograph to evoke specific emotions and/or a message. I want to further develop my skills in creating concepts for shoots so that I broaden my horizons. I think post-COVID, I will explore the resources I have available to me. Doing online school for a year has definitely limited me in terms of resources and this coming school year I hope to use the resources I can to the fullest.

In the future, I am looking forward to seeing many of my friends again and meeting new people in person! Until then, it’s nice to meet you all virtually!

Instagram: @mendonxa
Art Instagram: @giriboy01
OCAD U Student Mentor Program