Katie Luu, Sculpture/Installation

Katie Luu, Sculpture/Installation

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

My name is Katie Luu (she/her) and I’m a second-year Sculpture/Installation major! This is my first year as a Peer Mentor. I was born and raised in Tkaronto (Toronto).

With gratitude and presence, my work engages with the natural land, the body as a site, and nutritional human exchanges. My conceptual explorations have been interdisciplinary with a focus on performance as I work with the environment and materials at hand. Leading with my instincts, my pieces are momentary and process-based as I eat my ideas and leave the digestion for the future. Like a plastic bag in the wind I often don’t know the origin or the path of my thoughts but it is this very liminal state of uncertainty that leads my practice and inevitable landing.

I’m developing my practice through experiential means often in intimate or public settings in my performances. I’m looking to challenge the validity of art if it cannot be touched, seen, archived, or bought through performance. At OCAD U I’m working on expanding my mind and body through Indigenous ways of art making, thinking, and histories which look towards working in harmony with the land and the forces of life. With intellectual development I also want to develop my fabrication skills in mold making, wood, ceramics, and plastics!

I’m quite excited to navigate the post-pandemic world with my practice as it’s become a sustainable lifestyle for me that meditates and gives breathing room for my curiosities. I’m really looking forward to bringing it into the public and the active interactions my pieces could generate. I also can’t wait to eat McDonalds ice cream and fries in the middle of the night with my friends in the grange food court!

Instagram: @katie.katalogue
Portfolio: myportfolio.com/home
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