Carmen Yuen, DPXA

Carmen Yuen, DPXA

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

“Hello! I’m Carmen (she/her)! I am going into my final year in Drawing & Painting: Expanded Animation (DPXA). It will be my fourth year as a Peer Mentor! It has been lots of fun meeting new people!

I am currently in Toronto and will remain here for the rest of the school year. I am interested in creating games with 2D and 3D animation with occasional pixel art. I hope to develop my experience in coding.

With the pandemic still going on, I miss being able to visit the school and friends in person, but it has been nice to work digitally from home. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and developing my own games! Please feel free to send a message my way if you have any questions or just wanna chat!”

Art Instagram: @caramellesart
OCAD U Student Mentor Program