Judith Librach, Drawing & Painting

Judith Librach, Drawing & Painting

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

“My name is Judith Librach (she/her) and I’m going into second year Drawing & Painting. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor! I’m a mature student and live in downtown Toronto with my partner and children. Like many others at OCAD U I have loved making art since I was a kid, but later in life came to realize I want to deepen my conceptual framework and skill set further.

People may think that as we age we become more rigid in our ways, but this is not my experience at all. As a mature student I feel more confident and free to explore, more open to ideas and less concerned with the stereotypes or ideals imposed on me by others. I have prior experience in drawing, textiles and clay sculpture but I want to try every medium!

I have always gravitated toward portrait and figure drawing, and in a world where the “ordinary” human experience often receives less attention than that which is deemed “special” or “unique,” I strive to elevate the value of ordinary life through my work. I also have a growing fascination with how natural organic processes can be explored through art— specifically this year I’ve begun to delve into how bacterial fermentation as well as fungal networks can inform artistic expression in relation to self-exploration, human nature and social organization.

I believe that my success going forward is also dependent on the success of my peers, and have had to find creative ways to build a supportive network while studying remotely this year. I’m looking forward to stepping foot on the OCAD campus in the near future (I hope)! Feel free to DM me with any questions or just to say hello!”

Instagram: @jud1thl
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