Julliette Giron, Industrial Design

Julliette Giron, Industrial Design

Meet a 2021 Peer Mentor:

“Hello everyone, my name is Julliette Giron (she/her). I’m a second-year Industrial Design student and this is my first time as a Peer Mentor! I am an international student that recently moved at the beginning of August to Toronto all the way from Peru.

Ever since high school I’ve always had a passion for product design. The manufacturing and material investigation process is always something I look forward to when thinking of a product and I’m always eager for new prompts which drive my creativity and challenge me. I enjoy working with wood and plastics specifically, but any material catches my interest really. I would love to develop my research and CAD manufacturing skills, which I’ve been working on during the summer. COVID-19 has affected our day-to-day lives in such a way that we miss in-person contact and meeting new people, which I definitely look forward to when in-person classes can resume at OCAD U. In the meantime, I can say that it has been amazing to see students around the world adapting themselves to a new form of learning. While it is definitely not the same as always, we all do our very best to work around this worldwide issue and grow as an individual in our own field of preference.

I’m for sure looking forward to working with suitable materials for my future creations and getting that hands-on experience while manufacturing. I still consider myself to be a new student here since I’ve never actually been to campus in person and am always open to meeting new people so if you are down to chat my messages are always open. I hope everyone is staying safe.”

Instagram: @jullttegrn2
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