Vishwa Patel, Drawing & Painting

Vishwa Patel, Drawing & Painting

“Hey! I’m Vishwa Patel (she/her), I’m in my first year of the Drawing & Painting program, and I’m based in Toronto!

Most of my work revolves around combining different aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)— especially science—with art. At the moment, I’m interested in creating paintings related to quantum mechanics and the conservation of oceans and wildlife. I think there is such a big gap between arts and STEM, but I believe both can be combined and that we can learn a lot from doing so.

At my time here at OCAD U, I’d like to develop a plethora of different skills that would help me in my artistic practice. I’ve always wanted to learn screen-printing and jewellery-making. I also hope to learn to be more sustainable, in regards to art.

"Rainbow Sea Turtles" | Acrylic on Canvas | 16" x 12"

“Rainbow Sea Turtles” | Acrylic on Canvas | 16″ x 12″

“Reefs in the Sea” | Acrylic on Canvas | 24" x 18"

“Reefs in the Sea” | Acrylic on Canvas | 24″ x 18″

"Sea Pollution" | Watercolour and ink on paper | 14" x 11"

“Sea Pollution” | Watercolour and ink on paper | 14″ x 11″


In a post-COVID-19 world, I can see myself work more collaboratively with other artists! As someone who does mostly traditional artwork, it’s somewhat difficult to actually work together with someone else (with pandemic restrictions and all). With the world slowly opening up, I’m excited to join forces with brilliant artistic minds to create great pieces and/or exhibits!

In the future, I’m most looking forward to refining my technical and conceptual skills (which is why I’m here at OCAD U!). I’d love to learn more forms of art, and get better at what I practice with right now. I’m also looking forward to getting to know my classmates and having a great four years here!”

Instagram: @vishwafineart