Shreya Chopra, Strategic Foresight and Innovation

Shreya Chopra, Strategic Foresight and Innovation

“Hi, I’m Shreya Chopra (she/her). I am a multidisciplinary designer, researcher and strategy consultant passionate about systems thinking, design thinking and foresight. I’m an international student from India, based in Toronto.

I currently collaborate and co-conspire on amazing projects as a candidate for the Masters in Strategic Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University. I’m in my second year and will graduate in the summer of 2022. I’m exercising some of my learning from my program as a research assistant at OCAD U, and also as a Junior Researcher in the Human Resources Innovation team at Employment and Social Development Canada. I also dedicate a small part of my time as International Student Representative, OCAD U Student Union.

I love to constantly engage myself in creative opportunities and conversations. I recently started the Speculative Futures Toronto chapter from the Design Futures initiative so that I can give fellow and aspiring designers, researchers and futurists more platforms to connect and share stories and projects.

Skills that I want to develop include:

  • having better organizational skills so that I can multitask more (so many amazing things to do, but so little time!)
  • being able to complete one lap of free-style swimming in one breath!
  • developing tolerance to Canada winters (the coldest winter I have ever experienced is up to 0 degree Celsius)
Synthesis map featured in the Exhibition for RSD10 symposium at TU Delft

Synthesis map featured in the Exhibition for RSD10 symposium at TU Delft

Covid Diary

Covid Diary: I documented my weekly experiences related to COVID and my health between mid September to mid December 2020 as a data visualisation of peacocks with different personalities.

Looking ahead at a post-COVID world, I see more resilience and patience in myself and a craving and eagerness to experience people, culture and things in person! In the short term, I am most looking forward to trying out this new ice cream place I’ve been eyeing for a while. In the long term, I am most looking forward to holistic personal development with new experiences and opportunities and then, of course, new friendships.”