Arpit Nigam, Photography

A digital photograph of Arpit

Meet a 2022/2023 Peer Mentor

“Hello everyone, I’m Arpit Nigam (he/him), a photography major here at OCAD going into my 5th year at the university. I’ve been a mentor for the past 4 years, and have helped set up orientation!

You can find some of my work on Instagram (@arpitdoesphoto), but generally, I tend to make work about lots of different things with lots of different media, from wood to jewellery to photography. Most of my work is at least loosely connected to topics around mental health or social issues like climate change and consumerism.

A photo by Arpit Nigam of film canisters and reels on a table.

“Film” (2020) Digital Photography.

I want to branch out into commercial and product photography but use that to help support my artistic practice. If you’re looking for some of your work to be shot, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to work with you!”

Connect with Arpit:

Instagram: @arpitdoesphoto


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