Sara Seif, Drawing & Painting

A selfie of Sara Seif

Meet a 2022/2023 Peer Mentor

“I am Sara Seif, a 2nd-year Drawing & Painting student at OCAD. My pronouns are  she/her, but I do not mind being called anything else. I work as an interdisciplinary artist, and I enjoy combining different forms of art together and messing with the limits of creation.

Sara's artwork includes six versions of the same person sit around a table full of fruits

“My Daughter” (2021) Digital Photography.

I believe I am pretty good at shooting and painting, and at OCAD, I would like to develop my video-making skills, learn to curate, and expand my knowledge about digital software. What I am most looking for to do in near future is to create fine art, collaborate with other artists working with different mediums other than mine, do shows around the world and probably curate other artists’ artwork.”

Check out more of Sara’s work:

Instagram: @saruyeofficial

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