Osato Adeniyi, Illustration

A headshot of Osato Adeniyi, OCAD U student.

Meet an OCAD U student:

“Hi my name is Osatohamwen Adeniyi, but most people call me Osato, for short. My pronouns are she/her or they/them, but I’m honestly okay with almost anything. I am a third-year Illustration student at OCAD University and here is some of my work:

A painting of a person looking upwards draped in fabric and wearing colourful jewelry, pendants and a headpiece. The background is blue and white.

“Goddess of the rivers: Olokun” (2023) wood canvas, acrylic paint, ink and plaster.


A painting of a person laying down with headphones on, looking at the viewer. There are black-and-white abstract shapes and objects around the person.

“My mind is the perfect imperfection” (2023) paper, gouache, ink.


Black and white doodles with bright blue bursts of colour on the page.

“Thoughts” (2022) paper, acrylic paint, ink.

As I continue my creative journey, I have an endless desire to work in mixed media and try various art forms, like collage. The skills as an artist that I want to develop more would be to advertise my work more as well as create more often. I also want to avoid feeling like everything has to be a masterpiece. I look forward to growing and developing my craft more in the future.”

Connect with Osato:

Instagram: @osato._oku_dide


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