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Joanne Frisch, Acting Director of Campus Planning & Projects

Sneak Peek into our new Fabrication Centre

On Friday, I donned a hard hat and borrowed some safety boots to take a behind-the-scenes tour of our almost finished, brand new Fabrication Centre…


End of Term Studio Access Details

As we near the end of the term, so too do we near the end of the renovation to our new Fabrication Centre (it’s looking…

Fabrication Entry

Creative City Campus renovations update

Well here we are the last week of August, already! Staff and faculty are preparing to welcome our newest students, and welcome back our upper…

Fabrication Studio Renovations

Hard hats and safety shoes required

The renovations to our Fabrication and Drawing & Painting studios are well underway! We thought you might enjoy some behind-the-scenes views of the work so…

Tiny CNC chair - Rapid Prototyping Centre

OMG the Fabrication Studios are closing?

Yes, they are. You heard that right. The Fabrication studios — where they are currently located — are closing temporarily starting April 24, 2019 to…

Interior view of the scrim

CCC: Data visualization in the built form

Over the next several weeks new pieces of the exterior ‘scrim’ will be installed on the Experiential Learning Centre at 115 McCaul St, a project…

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