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Bahar Goel, Graphic Design

Bahar Goel, Graphic Design

I’m Bahar Goel, a transfer student from The Art Institute of Chicago; it is my second year of university but first here at OCAD U….

First-year Illustration student Diane Galapon

Diane Galapon, Illustration

Hello everyone, my name is Diane Galapon, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m in first-year Illustration and live in Toronto, Ontario. I like creating digital…

Second-year Inclusive Design student Amna Azhar

Amna Azhar, Inclusive Design

Hi, my name is Amna Azhar! I am doing my second-year of the Inclusive Design graduate program at OCAD U from Toronto. My program has…


Joel J. Mathew, Integrated Media

Hi, my name is Joel Jacob Mathew, and this is my first year at OCAD U, studying in the Integrated Media program. I love making music…


Joseph Zhuang, Industrial Design

I am a third-year Industrial Design major. I am now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love creating work with all kinds of mediums ranging from…


Kemuel Omero, Industrial Design

I’m in my third year of the program Industrial Design. I live in Toronto. I like to create work that continues the integration of new…

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