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Portrait of Liankun Sun

Liankun Sun, Publications

“My name is Liankun Sun and I am in fourth-year Publications. I’m from Tianjin, China but currently in Toronto. I enjoy creating related to design…

Portrait of Lu Zhang

Lu Zhang, Illustration

“My name is Lu Zhang. I am in my first year of Illustration and I’m from Shanghai, China. Oil painting and watercolour painting are my…

Portrait of Yoonwoo Seo

Yoonwoo Seo, Industrial Design

“My name is Yoonwoo Seo and I’m in my third-year of Industrial Design. I’m originally from Seoul, South Korea, but currently based in Toronto. I’m…

Portrait of Ying Zhong

Ying Zhong, Industrial Design

“My name is Ying Zhong. I am in my third year of Industrial Design. Right now, I am In Shanghai, China. I enjoy creating the…

Portrait of Samira Khan

Samira Khan, Continuing Studies

“I always knew I needed to have variety in my work that is both creative and challenging, and being a designer of multiple mediums has…

Portrait of Sydney Allen

Sydney Allen, Illustration

“I’ve been in love with the visual arts since I could pick up a pencil. The arts to me are not only a passion but…

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