D E S K – A Vaporwave Experience

By Harit Lad, Sanmeet Chahil and William Selviz


D E S K, a VR experience showcasing the life of a former office worker packing up their most dearest, yet mundane, belongings with a V A P O R W A V E twist.

Project Description

We developed this VR experiment after deconstructing the human experience we call nostalgia. This feeling needs a host, whether its an object, aesthetics or art piece, in order to remain meaningful over time. The team was inspired by the lo-fi or “vaporwave” aesthetic. This internet subculture uses nostalgia as a tool to evoke satirical melancholy, combining 80s and 90s imagery with current trends, events, and technology. The idea of reminiscing about the past with an existentially neutral perspective seems more appealing than living through our painful realities. Nostalgia has the power to take us back to a moment in time, and even make us say “those were the good times”. Combining this concept with VR technology allowed us to construct a paradigm-shifting interpretation of this unlucky, yet relatable, event. Vaporwave is dead, long live vaporwave.


For Mac OS – Click here

For Windows – Click here


Our Final Documentation can be found here

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