Blog Post 5

Mika Hirata



  • Luna

Luna was a calm and relaxing experience with amazing sound effects. The visual was extremely beautiful and the details made me feel like I was in a painting. At first, I found the control a little bit hard to understand, since the grabbing motion only worked on some objects. Also I started from the middle of the game, so it was hard to understand I had to clear the puzzles to move on the to the next level. Since the game has puzzles, it got more depth of storytelling rather than just a pretty settle environment. Particle effects are used in many objects, so that the whole experience was very magical. Also as Max pointed out, this experience is made for one person only who is viewing the game in the VR headset. Unlike the other games, the people surrounding the player were not able to understand or join the magical feelings, so it was an isolated experience.



  • Beat Saver

I really enjoyed playing the beat saver, because I have watched a girl playing this game on Facebook and I have always wanted to try this game. The game itself is very simple and easy to understand. The user experience and user interface were both very friendly, so I was able to play it without any directions. Also the sound effects were amazing, which made game very exciting. I realized that while the player is playing this game, people around the player were also having fun and they were engaged to the game. Moreover, the scoring system made the game very competitive and enjoyable for many people, so it was not an isolated experience like Luna.


  • Lone Echo

Lone Echo was a very interesting and unique experience, which allowed me to feel like I was actually in the space. The 3D models that were used in the game were extremely impressive and the quality was amazing. I really liked the dialogue of the story, so I was able to become the captain of the space shuttle. The movement was non-gravitational, so it made the whole experience more realistic and exciting. I would love to create something like this for the next project, and it was differently very inspirational in terms of having a clear concept for the environment.



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