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Mustafa Abdel Fattah Atelier II: Collaboration Project #4 Project Description FRAGMENTS is a projection installation created by Mustafa Abdel Fattah. It illustrates the concept of faded experiences and raises the question; if objects had memories what would they be? Following the perspective of a children’s toy, a loop of the toy’s distorted memories is revealed […]

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Mustafa Abdelfattah, Sanmeet Chahil, Tristan Santos dereScape Project Description DereScape is an interactive performance art installation that takes the viewer on a journey through videos of Toronto and projects them onto a space which the envelope passerbys with vivid and interactive animations. What inspired the creation of dereScape was our keen idea to redefine photography […]

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Musical Hands

Mustafa Abdel Fattah and Daniel McAdam Musical Hands Atelier I: Discovery 001 DIGF-2004-001 Experiment 1.2: Touch As Interface – Touch Interface Prototype   Click to View Official PDF Report and Documentation

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