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Mika Hirata 3154546, Vivian Wong 3158686, Anran Zhou 3157820 Concept HOKUSAI is an interactive art installation experience of culturally influenced art illustrating the evolution of the famous Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai. Projected on a paper-like hanging screen, we bring Hokusai’s artwork to life, in an inviting, open, interactive space. Layered in a parallax formation to display depth, […]

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Coding Team

Jerez Bain 3152579 Vivian Wong 3158686 Anran Zhou 3157820 Mika Hirata 3154546 Natalie Le Huenen 3156341 Katrina Larson 3159249 CONCEPT Neuro (Subject to Change) // SanDome An interactive art installation, in which the audience is given the power to change the environmental conditions of three different worlds: Forest, Desert, Water, by adding heat, poison, or […]

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Dress of Life

Please Click here to see full documentation, blog contains main aspects, full document contains all details. Press Kit: Dress of Life By Mika Hirata, Katrina Larson, Ziyi Wang, Vivian Wong, Anran Zhou ‘Dress of Life’ is an installation piece that depicts a brief and abstract history of evolution. Utilizing projection mapping, animations, and sound, an awe-inspiring environment […]

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