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Thorn Choker

Julianne Quiday (Just Julie) Katrina Larson (Kat)   Description/Concept After realizing that the weather was/is changing drastically, we decided to make a tattoo corresponding to global warming. We made a thorn vine tattoo choker where the thorns each represent a month of the year, and the size varying depending on the temperature anomaly for each […]

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My Colourful Tattoo

Daniel McAdam, Thomas Graham, Natalie Le Huenen, Vivian Fu, and Erika Davis Our project was designed to be a fun experiment of our capabilities. We thought it would be a fun idea to create a personalized image from the data that we had collected. The end result is a colourful image that is made up […]

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Harit Lad, William Selviz What does it mean? Meaning one:¬†The image represents human connection and interaction by showing the shells or layers each person possesses. At the core of each person is a space of nothingness which can be interpreted as either a place of peace and quietness or a place void of everything. Alternate […]

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Mustafa Abdelfattah, Sanmeet Chahil, Tristan Santos Pixelated Album Tattoos For this assignment we all had a common interest in music and the pixel aesthetic, and wanted to ultimately posterize our favourite albums and artists as a wearable tattoo. As a result, we represented artist album covers through a pixel generating code sketch that corresponded the […]

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Wearable Debt

Pandy Ma, Sydney Pallister, Tania¬†Samokhvalova We chose to represent our data using circles due to the multiple factors that they represent. Firstly, the circles represent the cycle of debt we will be in during our time in university. We will be receiving loans and spending the loans and this cycle will repeat itself for at […]

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