Just a quick update + shaders and scripts.

Dynamic Dithering Switcher

Hey folks, Fat-Cat Jordan here!  Sorry I couldn’t make last class; I was a little under the weather.  Thought I’d pop in with a quick little update and offer up some of the scripts I’ve written for Late Night Snack.

Things are still in progress, but I updated the visibility  behaviour to one which dissolves into a dither pattern and we think that’s kinda neat!

See it in action here:  Dynamic Material demo

I’ve also prepared a little package for anyone who wants to borrow the movement/camera/shader code.  Scripts are commented (and hopefully clear) to explain what it’s doing.  I’m still very new to working in Unity, but I can confirm that it works!  Feel free to use and modify them to fit your needs (and hit me up if you have any questions).  You’ll need shadergraph and either HDRP/URP to use the shaders –and you’ll need to either change/remove the animation-controller state references before you can run.

Zip (Shaders and Scripts):


Unity Asset File: