Where the Tables Stain with Grease: Pre-production

by Justine Magbitang, 3185293

  • Genre: Interactive Animation, Art Game
  • Keywords: Food, Low-poly art

Where the Tables Stain with Grease is an interactive low-poly game art project that explores the form of food. It features several kinds of dishes that users can interact with and learn about the different cuisines from around the world in which they belong.

Link to concept art proposal slides!




Working solo, I will be handling every aspect of the production pipeline myself!

Modelling: This will be the most important focus for this project. I will be building various dishes in low-poly as I continue to grow accustomed to 3D modelling in Maya.

Shading, Lighting, Texturing: These are what will bring my models to a more presentable, “appetizing” state.

Animation: This is what will be responsible for bringing my several food models to life.

C# coding: Time-allowing, I hope to be able to reach this stage where I can add a more intimate interaction between the art and the user. For example, the user can move utensils or pick apart at the different pieces of food.


colour palette:


environment sketch: tables, plates, various surfaces for food


objects example:



My Strengths:

  • coming from a traditional visual arts background
  • can apply and continue to develop skills such as spatial thinking and composition

My Weaknesses:

  • no prior experience with the game art pipeline
  • expecting a learning curve/spending lots of time dedicated to learning Maya and Unity as a first time user

To me, game art is how we are able to conceptualize, experience and interact with the mechanics of any game. Without game art, games would simply be a series of intangible mechanics and rules. The game art is what helps bring these concepts into life through elements that are visually understandable, aiming to create an impactful and lasting impression on players.