Late Night Snack-Individual Prosses Report



The role I played in creating the game “Late Night Snack” was designing and creating the animations. I took all of the assets created by my partners, and animated them to bring our ideas and movement movements to life in the game. The three major animations that I created were the cat’s walking, idle, and jumping animation. These animations were made using the application Blender, then were imported into another application called Unity.


Problems Encountered 

There were several hurdles I had to clear in the making of the game’s animations. Blender’s animation software is a great tool and I used it a lot while creating these animations. Although the application is incredible, in the beginning of creating this project, Blender was a new application that I had never used before. The learning curve of using Blender was a little steep, but after I made it over that peak everything was completed. The use of shape keys in Blender animations apply to all the animation in the file, so while creating the stretch and blow up animation the shape keys for each applied to the walk, run, and idle animations as well. This meant that after I learned how to use the tools, the animations became easier as they all required similar work. After a few hours of bug fixing, I figured out that the use of transformations instead of shape keys solved the problem. Overall, there were problems that I encountered while animated all the aspects for the game, but with dedication and commitment I overcame the hurdles. 


Strengths and Weaknesses 

My strengths in this process were my abilities to research and learn skills for the Blender application, my patience during this process, and teamwork. Many parts of this assignment were new to me including the use of Blender and Unity. With the help of my 

group mates, and my ability to use tutorials to find the solution to my problems I was able to overcome my weaknesses and get the job done. My weaknesses link directly to my strengths, which included the knowledge in the programs and not having previous experience with these tools. Being a first year student, these programs were new to me and the first few weeks of the assignment I had a lot of trouble completing the rigging and animation. Although I encountered some weaknesses within myself, I utilized my strengths to overcome and surpass the weaknesses. Overall, my contribution to this assignment was very detailed and met the goals my team brainstormed as our vision for the game. 


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