Where’s Bird-o?


DIGF-2014 – Atelier I: Discovery

Experiment 1
By: Arashjot Kaur, Karen Quach, Zhiwei Luan

Our multiplayer game is based on the book  “The Blue Book of Birds of America” with the book we create a bird watching type game. The game is played with 2 players with one of the players being the ‘host’; the host will start the game when both players are ready. Once the game starts the scene will load and a random bird will be given to each player, after a bird is found another bird will be given, find as many birds within the time limit, players with the most birds found wins.

The game currently

The game has a total of 15 possible birds to find within the two minutes.

Both players will see the same scene, the only difference between the 2 players is the bird they will find. The host will be able to start and restart the game, which is any one of the players.
If we had more time, we would’ve like to improve the UI of the game.

To create the game we used p5.js, the photos were edited on photoshop, with filters.

Project Development






Player 1 – http://https://editor.p5js.org/MonoRain/sketches/o2JvjuII4

Player 2 – http://https://editor.p5js.org/MonoRain/sketches/vlwJ2AgO1

Host – http://https://editor.p5js.org/MonoRain/sketches/XKFGxhdkQ

Process work 1 – http://https://editor.p5js.org/3178741/sketches/_ht1vtYQB

Process work 2 – http://https://pastebin.com/iYVvs3va

Code Demos

Process Work 1 Demo – http://https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/EA0e

Where’s Bird-o Demo – http://https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/khWr

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