ᴼº Life Spectrum.


Music is the rule.

Interesting generative art is interactive and brings impressive visual impacts to the audience. Most importantly, is to make it alive.


- Music makes everything alive, and even after death;

- Bubbles: form who lives underground. 
  (breath makes bubbles. Sign of lives);

- Bubbles = Lives.

— Music is the rule. Music makes everything alive.

The bubble is a concrete symbol to represent the idea of living things. It’s air in a shape. The circle is the most straightforward way to present the pulse of the music. In the last part of the effect, lines don’t follow the rules. Lines here represent the objective facts that don’t under control, but they are caused by many other things we do.


The order of those effects’ presentation is intentional. It starts with the simplest one and then another color but a more complex effect. Next going with the combination of bubbles, liquid, and lines. Last, only lines but the changes of color connect this part with previous ones.

a1_exp02_generativeart-002 a1_exp02_generativeart-003 a1_exp02_generativeart-004 a1_exp02_generativeart-005

Final Work.

  • Audio imported: Bad Guy (Official Instrumental) – Billie Eilish




a1_exp02_generativeart7-002 a1_exp02_generativeart7-003 a1_exp02_generativeart7-004 a1_exp02_generativeart7-005 a1_exp02_generativeart7-006 a1_exp02_generativeart7-007


Tutorials: @bileam teschepe. (detailed links in pdf)

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Please Check It Out!!>>>[Original File (.toe) / Audio(.mp3) / Video Presentation (.mp4) / Tutorial (.pdf) File.]


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