Customizable Eyebot

Sana Yasamani Khiabani, 3180650



Within the art piece for my Assignment 3: Generative Art, I made something in which is called “Customizable Eyebots”. At their base they essentially are 3d modelled spherical beings, in which one has to follow a distinct set of rules in terms of their customization. Once this is done they add colours, and they finalize it, generating their own art of a 3d piece. During the creation there is a set of adjectives and features that can define what exactly they are, for a bit of personality. The reason I created this was due to two very specific things. Firstly, I adore character design! Making nice little characters with set personalities and looks. Secondly, I adore colours. Throughout the past assignments I always tended to play around with colours within each of them, and thus for the final project I wished to do very much the same, giving the freedom of choosing whichever colours (a minimum of 2) to apply. In fact this was influenced by the Generative Drawing assignment project, yet in a much more 3d format.

Nonetheless, the piece overall brings me joy, and was incredibly fun to do. I learnt many things, generated many art pieces, and am quite satisfied.

Presentation Video:

Tutorial Document:

Tutorial/Process Video:



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