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Minimalism is not just a style, it is a whole philosophy of attitude to life. Clarity of composition, monochrome and emphasis of natural textures are important for minimalism.The minimalist designer usually takes as a basis one or two colours (favourite of which, white – which most emphasizes the lines of objects).

The main object of my generative art are whales. As I love the art of minimalism, my intentions were to create something detailed minimalistic; using only three colours ( white, violet and light violet). 

Whales represent something big, strong and powerful. They also are free in their actions; they have all the unknown ocean to themselves and make up their own rule of living. I can relate this to the life of an artist; artists have many opportunities, and a freedom of creativity to express themselves through many forms of art. 



My two main figures are whales. Using adobe illustrator I created many thin lines in the shape of a whale and placed both of the figures in a circular shape to create a sense of motion. As well as I created wavy lines at the background to illustrate water. After, I placed many random lines to point to the whales; make them more emphasized and centred. 

There are many forms of art that are unknown to many artists, however it is a journey to discover and an enjoyable process of learning and creating new art. The same as the ocean is so wide, deep and unknown – so is the art. 

I love the sense of simplicity and aesthetics. Thus, it was the main goal for this generative art project. 




  • Use Adobe Illustrator to create this rule

Step one: 

Upload an image to the illustrator that you would like to recreate

Step two:

Take the brush tool and draw around the image using different shapes

Step three:

Take one part of the tracing image and go to Object and then Blend (fix the parameters to your own preference in Blend Options) 

Step four:

Make the entire image Blend 

  • You can play around with the different shapes; they will create different outcomes


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  1. I love that you didn’t use code. A lot of people think generative art requires code, but it does not! This is great and your rule specifically removes a barrier, code. Which means much more people can create art using your rule. I love it!

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