4.3 Capacitive Touch Control Neopixel Jacket

Video: https://youtu.be/4uVq600y3D0

Materials: conductive tape, Paper or non conductive fabric, Conductive fabric, copper pins, Jumper cables, 5V LED neopixel strip, old jacket, 9v Battery


Description: It’s more like a prototype than a swatch, jacket with capacitive touch sensors on the sleeves, touching the capacitive sensors would change the pattern on the LED strip, perfect for Techno events or concerts. Battery connectivity gets loose so for the future I would make sure to have a proper connector for batteries. Would have loved to use Ida fruit instead of Arduino which would have made it more lightweight and more suited for being a proper wearable.

I had made a capacitive touch wheel for assignment 4.2, I used the same technique to create 3 touchpads using conductive fabric and copper wire.
I brought and 3 pin 5V LED strip and used the adafruit neopixel library for the code
connect the capacitive sensor to the analog-in while the LED goes in 5V,GND and pin.
Sew the LED strip into the jacket, attach the conductive touchpads into the sleeves

link to code: https://github.com/AtharvaJ3110/sensorsandactuators/blob/main/capactitive%20ledstripcontrol

Circuit Diagram:


I actually am really Interested in using conductive fabrics. I want to do something with it in fashion. I thought of a brand name too called 3021 Cosmic Couture. I wanted to make something cyberpunk. I was also inspired by the actuator ‘Fibre Optic Poetry’ on KOBAKANT(Link:https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=7031)


The main tools were the home made capacitive sensor using conductive fabric(https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=6607)and the neopixel strip.

I used the adafruit neopixel library for Programming the neopixel strips. It makes controlling neopixels very easy.

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