4.3 Crafting Electronic Swatches

By: Sana Yasamani 3180650, Serena Seow 3167001, Khrystyna Gandabura 3178285,

Swatch #1:

Sana Yasamani Khiabani, 3180650s, Swatch: The Light-Up Pathways

I further improved upon a sensor I did previously for this swatch, for I truly did want to try out more things in regards to LEDs. It mainly is a Capacitive Sensor. 

Essentially what this Swatch does, is that it is a series of tinfoil, felt, wool, and wires, all connected in different pathways and branches, to have the end result of lighting up an LED. There are different areas to do it, whether within the wool or upon the tinfoil, but at the end as long as two of the wires connect to the conductive sectors, the LED shall light up. 

It’s incredibly layered, with a base part of tinfoil connecting to the LED, a mid part of felt,  an upper part of tinfoil branching around to connect to everywhere the branches are placed, and a final layer of felt at the top, with wool in the places necessary. 

The techniques and tools used shall be represented within the materials section, but overall the most important part is to have tape when things get messy, in order to stay organized. 

Inspired by: https://arduinogetstarted.com/tutorials/arduino-button-led




  • Felt
  • Tinfoil
  • Conductive Wool
  • An LED
  • 4 MtoM wires
  • Arduino UNO


Process Part 1: Half tinfoil, felt, and wires ready. Place all layers beside each other properly. 

Process Part 2: Place the Felt layer, and then the Wire connector layer above the LED layer. 

Process Part 3: Place the final Felt layer with the woolen layer. 

20201211_200808     20201211_200654

Here’s how it should end up:

Although not exactly, this is the closest circuit board I could make in just the circuits itself, the red boxes representing the conductive pathways.


https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/qoFR is the video link !


Swatch #2:

Serena Seow, 3167001, Swatch: Touch Lamp

Touch Lamp is a mini lamp I created working from my original touch sensor, using the human touch as a capacitor. I decided to use a mini paper origami ball to act as the lamp cover, to give it a softer glow, as opposed to the hard white LED, and used copper tape to fit it all onto a sheet of paper.


Type:  Analog Sensor


  • MtoM wires
  • White paper
  • Copper tape
  • Arduino uno
  • 220k resistor(2)


Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSX4vuSdC1E&t=124s

Code: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzI1z5n4uz3GeFZMbEdwX1ZmT3M/view

Video: https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/nsLh



Swatch #3,

Khrystyna Gandabura, 3178285, Swatch: Cotton Cloud

For this project, I wanted to experiment with different kinds of fabrics; Taking 4.2 to completion I wanted to experiment with the lights and shading that cotton would create. How can a fabrics and electronics interact within each other.

To create this cloud I used the push button with and LED lights. Created a code, that when the button switch is pressed colours in the cloud change. As well as I added some magnets that hold the light in place. After all the wires with LED are coded I shaped a cloud out of cotton and placed the lights into the cloud; as well as hid all the extra wires under the box.





Here is the link to the Swatch Powerpoint!


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