4.3 SwatchBook – Clouds



Group Members: Sara Hosseini, Xiangyu Wang

Swatch Type: Digital

Inspiration: lightning-storm-clouds-thunderclouds-wallpaper

I wanted to make a ceiling full of handmade clouds that would light up with LED inside making it look there is thunder. I also used a switch that when pressed, you are able to change the colour of the cloud.

***Important: I needed LED STRIPS in order to make what I had in mind work, however, they did not arrive on time so I decided to make a smaller cloud and used a neopixel instead to show my idea. I changed the materials used based on this. ***

Materials (small cloud) :

  • x1 10k resistor
  • Wires
  • Switch
  • Neopixal – 24

To make ONE small cloud, I glued a few cotton balls together, making a cloud-like shape. After I taped the neopixel to the back of the cloud.


I then went ahead to connect the wires, on the neopixel, connect GND to GND on your Arduino, Data input into ~6 and Power 5V into 5V. We then place the switch on a board and also place a 10k resistor that we connect to GND & PWM 2.





Circuit Diagram:




Short Video:


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