Alfonso’s AR Project: Test and interview

This is Alfonso Benitez’s AR project. His experience is supposed to cover the Filipino traditional prop, the parol. Through this experience you get to place your parol in the world and learn about its significance.

I believe it is a very adorable project. While not as complex as other projects I really believe it has both a wonderful concept behind it as well as a pretty good result. It is a nice approach to culture particularly during the outbreak of a pandemic.

All of his assets are personally made which I also found impressive and respect in his work.



IRIS: So, Alfonso, how do you feel about your project?

ALFONSO: My project came out really good but I feel like there are a lot of improvements I could have made. I , however did not have time to implement them. 

IRIS: Alfonso, what would you have liked to implement that did not come out in your AR experience?

ALFONSO: Well you see (comma) Iris, there was meant to be a particle effect that came out with the p.a.r.o.l (teaching me how to pronounce/spell). I feel like a lot of the PAZZAZZ that was meant to go in this final sequence of events didn’t live up to what I was expecting because they were not implemented. I am however very, very proud because I made the model myself, with great amount of pain and help from my friends.

IRIS: What was the experience you intended for the audience?

ALFONSO: Well you see, Iris, I wanted to share with this class and some close individuals, like you, about my culture and what we do in the holidays. The process of making parols is typically done with close friends and family. Since I can’t be home due to COVID I decided to create this digital experience with my friends and peers. 

IRIS: Overall, how would you improve this project if you had either the technical skill or time to do so?

ALFONSO: There are a lot of things I feel I could have improved, namely everything. If we are being specific though, I would have liked it to be more interactive. The most this experience cane do is educate people but, I would have liked for people to make these parols, to colour them and decorate it. I hope there is a person out there who has the resources and abilities to do a project like mine and can educate people on the various cultures of the world. 

IRIS: Thank you for your time, good job on your project, very lovely theme!


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