Conductive Pom Pom Gloves


Group 4.2

by: Nazheef Rahman

Swatch Type:

Touch sensor

This swatch is mainly a touch sensor which is made from 2 sources using conductive thread and wool. Firstly I have made conductive pom-poms binded with conductive thread to go along with the gloves as decoration. The conductive thread has been sewed on the glove including a fine strip on the index finger. Conductive wool then has been stretched and steam-heated along the index fingers of the glove where the conductive thread was stitched onto. I have used the extra string attached to the pompom’s string ends and connected it to the negative and positive parts of the coin battery holder, now you have a controlled conductive loop all you need to know is the negative and positive side of the led you are willing to use.


Fabric (glove)

Conductive Thread

Conductive Wool


4 Alligator Clips


Coin Battery

Coin Battery Holder

Tools and Technique:

Steam Iron

Needle Threading


touch  touch2





References/inspiration/Additional Notes:

Back when I was a little kid I never really liked wearing gloves which resulted in me getting mild frostbites (haha). Almost every elementary teacher within my school had known I was a trouble maker but even so, I listened to them with respect. The one thing that really bothered me while wearing the gloves was that scratchy wool thread along both my arm sleeves of my jacket attached to my gloves, my mother’s idea was to fabricate it with additional threading so I don’t end up losing my gloves. So this idea revolved around my mother’s idea of me not losing my gloves into me using her idea and making it creative. My additional plan for this was that I wanted the coin cell battery to be attached in the middle (so that it is in the jacket) to the long string wool with conductive thread stitched into it but due to lack of conductive thread, I couldn’t get to it. This also included the led being threaded in a children’s jacket while being defused on a stitched child-friendly character which children will like and enjoy wearing.

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