DC Motor – Michael Sinn

  • Swatch Name: DC Motor
  • Feature Image (set this in the righthand column)
  • Group number and names of all Team Members: Group 9, Marquessa, Aimee, Emily, Michael
  • Swatch Type: Actuator
  • Description: For my swatch, I decided to make a DC Motor that is almost entirely 3D Printed.  The motor was made by wrapping magnet wire around a motor core and placing it in a housing.  I did have some issues with the final product that will be addressed in the final foot notes.
  • Materials: PLA, 20 Gauge Magnet Wire, Slices of Aluminum Can, Rare earth magnet
  • Tools & Techniques: 3D Printer, Fusion 360(3D modeling software), soldering iron and wrapping magnet wire
  • 3-5 other images or animated gifs that could include:
  • 1 minute (or less) video that shows the Swatch in use: https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/jyPc
  • References/Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p2QTE26VOA
  • Additional Notes: When making the motor, I went through 3 different motor core designs before settling on the one that I used for the final model.  The core of the motor works perfectly and can be used as an electromagnet as is shown in the video posted.  However, I did have issues with finding a material that was able to provide power to the core and keep it rotating in the housing.  I tried various materials such as steel wool, aluminum cans, string with tinfoil wrapped around it and pulled tight along the length of the bottom of the core, but I couldn’t find one that would actually work properly.  I believe that if I had some kind of springy steel that would press into the motor core where it is fed power hard enough to keep the motor core in place and the power continuously flowing, but not hard enough to stop the rotation, then that would be ideal, but I could not find any such material in my home or at stores I went to.  Overall, I did have a lot of fun with this project and am going to keep at it in my free time because I think that it would be very cool to get it working properly!

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