Evan Switzer – 3173264 Exp2_assignment 3: Generative art

Evan Switzer – 3173264

Exp. 2 – 3: Generative Art

Artist Statement:

For this Computational Generative Process I decided to use an out of the box concept to make a generative process through a digital to analog format. The goal I was aiming for was to find a certain method that would involve an analog process to imitate the same process developed through the digital formatting/coding of P5.js.



  1. Use p5.js coding to make a canvas with a shape that is drawn repeatedly through movement of the mouse.
  2. Print the canvas.
  3. Apply oil to the canvas.
  4. Repeat the drawing formation through controlled burning with a torch.
  5. Take a picture of the process and upload the picture for the final result.


Picture of Generative Piece:





Code for process:



Video Presentation of process:




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